Oil Painting

Offered to art clubs and organizations, this class covers the basics of oil painting in the context of learning the basic principles of art. It is my belief that it is by mastering basic principles that an artist becomes capable of creating quality art in any medium.


Basic Drawing

Anyone with a desire can learn to draw. This class will cover the basics and dispel the myth that you need a special talent to be able to draw.





You Can See What I See For Elementary Students

Students will be treated to fast paced visual instruction showing them how to see like an artist—the key to making art. Featuring paintings and drawings to illustrate the thinking process of making art, they will be challenged and encouraged to learn to draw.


Visual Art in the Church

A visual, sometimes humorous, exposé of God's use of visual beauty to reveal Himself and how aesthetics should impact His church. Titled The Significance of Visual Art in the Body of Christ and subtitled Oh No! There's an Artist in the Church! This presentation was first presented to the student body of Moody Bible Institute.


My Adventures as an Artist

This presentation follows Jim's artistic career from his earliest work custom painting vans to his latest western oil paintings. This does not only cover the work, but the real ups and downs, highlights and low lights of working as a professional artist.


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